Studio Membership FAQs


1. What is a Studio Membership?
A Studio Membership enables Red Foundry developers to access and use the Studio compiler, a feature of the overall Red Foundry integrated development environment. Use of the Studio compiler is needed to create app binaries as used during submission of apps to the Apple and Google app stores and as part of enterprise deployments.

2. How much does a Studio Membership cost?
A Studio Membership costs $100/month per developer.

3. Are there any ways to save on the membership fee?
Yes. If you sign-up for a 12 month subscription for $1080, you will save 10% (or $120 per year).

4. Can I still use Red Foundry Studio without a Studio Membership?
Yes. Other than the compiler, all features of Studio (RFML code libraries, Viz app simulator, etc) will continue to be available to registered developers for use in app development and testing without a Studio Membership. Of course, you will also continue to be able to access any projects that you already have started. A Studio Membership will just be necessary to access the compiler feature.

5. What is the membership fee going to be used for?
The membership fee will be used to pay for operating costs such as datacenter hosting, servers/storage, and software maintenance while also funding investments into Studio by way of feature enhancements and defect fixes.

6. Are there any other member benefits?
Yes. In addition to use of the compiler, the Studio Membership will also provide members with added influence over future platform direction and prioritization in terms of fixes, enhancements, and extensions.

7. Will this change impact support response times?
Our intention is the the membership fees will positively impact both the product and the service levels that our users depend on.

8. Will this change enable improvements to the iOS and Android codebase?
Yes. Our intention is to continue to enhance the core product based on the continuous evolution of the technologies involved as well as the priorities of our members.

9. How do I activate my Studio Membership?
Go to select your plan and input your credit card information to activate your subscription.

10. What if I subscribe, but let my subscription lapse in the future?
Whenever you decide to renew your subscription, we’ll reactivate your account at that time using the current monthly rate.

11. Can I just subscribe during the months when I need to use the compiler?
Yes. We created the pricing plan to accommodate that situation. You can subscribe just during the months that you need the compiler. The cost is $100 per month. The months do not need to be consecutive.

12. What if I need multiple Red Foundry accounts?
A Studio Membership is needed to access the compiler for each Red Foundry account – typically designated by a unique email address. If you are in a situation where you have multiple Red Foundry accounts set-up (possibly for multiple end clients), please contact us at so we can accommodate you.

13. What if I have other questions?
Just let us know. If you have any other questions or comments please contact us at