Fusion Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to build amazing native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.  

Studio provides developers with a powerful and cost-effective way to build high-quality native apps using a full library of components and tools.  It’s unique technology allows fully native apps to be built and customized by integrating pre-existing components, more like a web mashup, as opposed to starting from scratch.

Product Feature Highlights:

  • Provides developers with an easy-to-use mark-up language (called RFML) with which to write the app code
  • One master set of RFML code is then compiled for either iOS, or Android, or both, which greatly reduces ongoing codebase maintenance costs
  • Includes many pre-built (and pre-tested!) widgets for connecting to commonly used services such as Urban Airship, Flurry, Google Analytics, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more
  • Provides access to native services like the device’s camera and geo-coordinates
  • Using Viz (the Studio Visualizer), developers can instantly see their app woking in real-time, pre-compile, even while the app is still under construction offering both instant gratification and huge efficiency benefits!
  • Studio is built on top of the iOS and Android core operating system libraries and continuously updated as those underlying libraries evolve

The key to a great app is great design. Our best partners are design shops and developers with a thoughtfully crafted vision for their UI/UX.  Studio makes app building easier so our partners can focus more energy on great design and less energy on the nuances of the Objective-C and Java programming languages.

Start building your app using Red Foundry Studio today!