Red Foundry is proud to call Chicago home.  And like Chicago, “The City That Works”, Red Foundry knows how to get things done.  Let’s face it… Turning ideas into reality takes a good dose of grit, focus, and determination and our clients have come to know that reality is what we do best.

Our Story

It all began when we started building iPhone apps for fun, and a few of them became big hits. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we quit our day jobs and began making apps for the likes of Pearl Jam and Kodak. After working deep in the trenches for awhile we realized that building a great mobile app was too just complicated, expensive, and time consuming. We found ourselves wondering… Isn’t there a better way?

That’s why we started Red Foundry back in 2009 – to take our years of software development experience and successful mobile app launches and package it into team, technology, and methodology to help our clients to Mobilize Their Business.

We also bundled that technology into an integrated development environment that we call the Red Foundry Studio. The Studio environment empowers independent developers to build killer native mobile applications with agility, speed, and economy – without sacrificing the quality of a feature-rich digital environment.

Red Foundry thrives on tackling the tough challenges that most people and companies face when going mobile. We are laser-focused on mobile apps, which allows us to get deep on every aspect and apply our experience to client projects. Most importantly, Red Foundry is made up of people who are both skilled and passionate about all things mobile. It’s what we do. It’s all we do.


Rob Brandt

Rob Brandt


With over 25 years of technology, software, product, and management experience, Rob’s goal is to ensure that all Red Foundry projects run smoothly and exceed client expectations. Prior to joining Red Foundry as CEO, Rob was a Partner within Accenture’s technology consulting practice and subsequently led information technology teams focused on SaaS, Data Analytics, Application Development, and Customer Experience at Orbitz and TransUnion.

Ron Franczyk

Ron Franczyk

Founder and CTO

Ron founded Red Foundry in 2009. In addition to staying hands-on with emerging mobile technologies himself, Ron provides our “Founder’s Touch” with direct oversight on each Red Foundry project from the initial kick-off meeting through app store submission. Prior to Red Foundry, Ron was CEO of Giant Company Software (acquired by Microsoft) and one of the first employees at Click Commerce (acquired by ITW). Ron is passionate about awe-inspiring product design and the use of mobile technology to create wonderful customer experiences.

Solution Accelerators

We are not big fans of re-inventing the wheel. That’s why we introduced Red Foundry Solution Accelerators. A bundle of reusable software components and libraries to jump-start the development phase of a project. Proven and tested in hundreds of apps around the world, Red Foundry Solution Accelerators are used to increase project predictability, reduce testing redundancy, and accelerate time-to-market.

Login and Authentication

Our connectors to the Facebook Login SDK and the Parse SDK provide secure, fast, and convenient ways for people to login to your app.

Realtime User Notifications

Connectors to Urban Airship and Parse get Push Notifications up and running quickly; data-triggered notifications available via RF CloudNotify

Social Network Integration

Connectors to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more make it possible to hook your app up to the leading social networks.

Secure Data Connectors

Securely connect your app to any internal or third-party API data interface; support of JSON, XML, RSS, and more.

Geo Services

Direct access to the devices location coordinates allows you to customize your app features and messaging based on where the user is located

Media Integration

Seamlessly connect you app to YouTube, audio players, PDF readers, ePub readers to create an engaging and interactive experience

Mobile-Optimized Methodology

Our methodology is comprehensive, yet streamlined. Focused on the essential mobile app project activities. Purpose-built around the key phases of an app’s lifecycle and refined by real-world use on hundreds of successful app projects. We are not going to create a rocketship with it, but then again, we are not creating a rocketship. Simplicity equals speed and efficiency.


It all starts with Discovery…  Defining the app’s purpose, scope, features, differentiators, monetization, and release plan to get things rolling.


Written specifications of how the solution will work.  This includes UI/UX, data design, and technical architecture.  A very collaborative phase.


Coding and configuring the apps and backend based on the design specifications.  Integrating with APIs and other third-party services.


Rigorous testing to ensure that the solution performs as expected.  Including QA, device testing, regression, and user acceptance.


It’s now time to get the app out of the lab and into the real world.  Compiling the app, bundling with distribution certificates, and app store submission.


Our AppCare Maintenance service proactively keeps your app healthy in a world where everything is changing all the time.

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