Mobile App Development Services

Mobile app technology is cool, but it’s the people that really make the difference…

You need a custom mobile application development team that you can count on. One that offers the breath of services needed to get you from project kick-off and definition, through the details and nuances of coding and testing, and finally to app launch and maintenance.

Our Process

It takes a variety of skill sets and perspectives to get your custom mobile app launched. Red Foundry takes a team approach to ensure that you have the properly skilled experts assigned to each phase of the project lifecycle. This team is comprised of UI/UX designers, technical architects, software engineers, testers, and project managers.

The Red Foundry Difference

Having access to the right people is a great start, but what if they are difficult to get a hold of? Our team is big on communication and transparency and, since we are 100% US-based, you will have the benefit of working with a team that is located in a time-zone near you. Your product will be 100% “Made in the USA”! Contact Red Foundry today for our mobile app development services!

The mobile app development services that we offer to our clients are aligned around the four pillars below…

Discovery & Design

Do you have a great idea for an app, but just not sure where to start or how to get things going?  Whether you’re a start-up or an enterprise, Red Foundry can help you scope, shape, structure, and define your idea with our Discovery and Design service.   So you can get your idea out of idea mode and into reality.

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App Development

Our expert team of software developers will not only get your app coded, but will do it with high-quality programming techniques, a mobile-optimized methodology, solution accelerators, and efficiency that will allow you to get your product to market faster, within budget, and with the highest degree of quality.

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App Maintenance

After launching your app into the app stores, it’s important to keep it healthy so as to keep your users happy.  Red Foundry will maintain the app via the Red Foundry AppCare Maintenance service.  The goal of AppCare is to proactively keep the app healthy in light of continuous changes to the mobile operating systems, changes to the APIs, etc.

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Mobile SDK Development

If you are a service provider with a set of APIs, you may be ready to wrap them into an SDK (Software Development Kit) to enable your business partners to bundle your services into their apps.  Red Foundry has been building SDKs years and has the experience needed to get your SDK published and into the hands of the developers who need it.

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