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Travel app development has never been more important. In today’s mobile world, smartphone and tablet users will spend plenty of time researching vacation, work and similar travel destinations from the convenience of their phone. However, without a convenient app, it can be a chore to book a trip on a mobile website. The need for a quality mobile sales experience is in demand, and in terms of comparing mobile sales experience quality, nothing beats a custom travel app. Custom travel apps simplify the sales process and engender long-term customer loyalty by improving the sales process in tangibly meaningful ways.

Who Needs a Custom Travel App?

The travel and tourism industry is a more than $7 trillion industry and growing, which is just one benchmark that makes it easy to see how much opportunity this field provides. However, tapping into these opportunities requires businesses and companies to think about how travelers, tourists and frequent fliers are booking their trips in recent years.

In the early days of the Internet, booking via a desktop computer or phone call were the primary options a customer had. Today, the landscape has shifted: Smartphones now make it easy to carry all the resources a potential traveler needs to book a trip seamlessly and efficiently.

Now, here is where the analysis gets interesting: Most travel companies know they can choose between designing a mobile-friendly website or a custom travel app. Which is the right choice? As a custom app developer, Red Foundry believes a custom app is the ideal choice. Far be it from us to simply present a biased outlook, however. Take a look at the following benefits of a custom travel app and decide for yourself.

Custom Travel App Benefits

Demographic statistics have revealed that travel and tourism is the seventh most downloaded app category. A staggering 60 percent of global smartphone users have downloaded a travel app of some kind onto their device, with 45 percent of those users indicating they intended to use apps regularly to plan travels and holiday trips.

An additional 30 percent of mobile users use a mobile app to find the best hotel deals, and 29 percent use mobile apps to find flight deals. No matter what part of the travel and tourism industry your business caters to, it is clear that there is a market for your app. The wise travel industry knows its business cannot compete without tapping into these demographics in a meaningful way. Only mobile prioritization gives travel companies the ability to achieve a return on investment that could not be achieved through another sales medium.

Choose Red Foundry’s Custom Travel App Services

If you are ready to jump on board and embrace the unique possibilities and benefits of a custom travel app, know that not all apps are created equally. A custom travel app will help your brand stand out from a crowded field. After all, the travel category is the seventh most downloaded app category for a reason. There are plenty of apps already out there. However, your brand will stand out by relying on the proven expertise and artistry of a custom app developer that builds a product specifically centered on your business needs and target audience.

Red Foundry has carved out a reputation as a leading custom iOS and app developer that exclusively focuses on developing apps that give the “wow factor” to your target audience. As an award-winning mobile app developer, we pride ourselves on the work we have already done for our travel clients.

Take a look at some of our custom travel app success stories:

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