Mobile Application Maintenance Services

Mobile app technology is cool, but it’s the people that really make the difference…

App Maintenance is all about keeping your app healthy while it is running in the real world. Things change all the time (i.e., iOS and Android operating system versions) and you don’t want these changes, which are inevitable, to cause your app to break and your users to be negatively impacted.

AppCare Maintenance

Red Foundry’s answer to the app maintenance dilemma is a service called AppCare Maintenance.

We launched this service as a way to protect our client’s from these inevitable environmental changes.  Think of it as an affordable health insurance plan for your app.

Common Changes That Could Negatively Impact Mobile Apps:

  • iOS version updates
  • Android version updates
  • new hardware and screen size ratios
  • changes to SDKs (deprecated methods, service sunsetting, etc)
  • changes to third-party services (i.e., push notifications, app analytics, etc)
  • changes to API and content structure
  • and so on…

The Red Foundry AppCare Maintenance service is comprised of the following components:

  • Base AppCare – proactive coverage of changes to underlying operating systems and specified APIs and SDKs that have a negative impact on the functionality of the app.
  • Flex Hours – an allocation of pre-approved budget hours to accommodate client requests such as minor changes, regression testing, app store updates, and customer support activities.

AppCare Maintenance is available following a Red Foundry App Development project and is offered on an annual basis.

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