Custom Mobile App Development

Mobile app technology is cool, but it’s the people that really make the difference…

Custom app development involves constructing, testing, and launching a mobile app based on a set of specifications or designs.

Custom App Development Process

Red Foundry’s app development service creates custom iOS apps, custom Android apps, related backend databases / access APIs, and integration with third-part services such as payment processors, content providers, push notification services, and so on.

Custom mobile app development typically follows a discovery and design phase; however, in cases where clients already have the various design deliverables, we can jump right into app development based on those inputs.

Custom Mobile App Development Primary Phases:

  • Build – involves coding the app software, configuring the backend, and integrating with third-party services.
  • Test – involves QA testing, device testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.
  • Launch – involves compiling the app with the client’s app store credentials, submitting the app to the app stores, facilitating the app store review process, and coordinating the overall go-live timing.

Key Deliverables Produced During App Development:

  • Alpha Build – This is the earliest version of the compiled app that is considered “feature complete” and triggers the beginning of QA testing.
  • Beta Build – The version of the software that has passed all the QA tests and is the primary input to user acceptance testing.
  • Test Cases – These outline the use cases that will be tested during the QA test phase.
  • Pre-Launch Checklist – As we get ready to launch the app, we create the pre-launch checklist to ensure that no critical steps get missed.
  • Final Product – The version of the app that gets submitted to the app stores or enterprise distribution systems.

Choose Red Foundry For Your Custom App Development

Red Foundry is the ideal choice for custom app development for both iOS and Android. Our iOS app development services help our clients gain a competitive edge in the App Store marketplace, and our team has the experience needed to make a standout custom iOS application. The result of the development process is clean and functional app design that helps businesses increase their brand awareness. Whether you need a simple app or an extensive custom solution with dynamic design, our team is equipped to turn the iOS app you dream of into reality.

Red Foundry also helps businesses in need of custom Android app development . Our team’s diverse set of skills ensures we are able to provide the same quality service on Android that we achieve on iOS. We help you strategize and plan your Android app before implementing the designs you need to have a fully functional and engaging Android app that grows your brand.

For both iOS and Android app development, our personalized service makes our custom app development process unique. Our commitment to the client starts with effective communication that is available during normal business hours, thanks to our United States location and Chicago headquarters. Your app and company receives the support it needs during each phase of app development, starting with the alpha build and continuing as long as your app needs ongoing maintenance.

Red Foundry’s Chicago mobile app development typically runs about 8-12 weeks in duration, but this can vary considerably based on the particular scope and complexity of the project. If you are ready to mobilize your business with Red Foundry’s custom app development services, we want to hear from you. Contact us to discuss the custom app you have in mind for your business.

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