Custom Mobile App Design

Mobile app technology is cool, but it’s the people that really make the difference…

Our custom mobile app design service provides clients with knowledgeable experts who are able to start with a product concept and define the supporting details needed to give the concept structure and inform the cost and timeline estimates required for the App Development phase.

Common Custom Mobile App Design Questions:

  • Does the product require a backend database?
  • Are there open source technologies that we can use to keep the costs down?
  • Are there APIs that can be used to pull in complimentary data?
  • Can the app allow users to “Connect with Facebook”?
  • Should the app connect to third-party services using APIs or SDKs?
  • How much will this app cost to build?

Red Foundry Discover and Design Deliverables

During Discovery and Design, the Red Foundry team creates a set of deliverables that define your mobile app. These deliverables go well beyond the typical UI mock-ups and gets into the nitty gritty details of the technical design, which is essential to establishing a rock solid foundation for your mobile app.

Many of the products we create are ultimately comprised of multiple inter-related sub-systems, which must all work in unison (every day!) to make the end product come to life.  This is why the underlying technical architecture is so critical.

Key Deliverables Created During Discovery and Design:

  • Requirements Summary
  • Wireframes
  • UI Designs
  • User Interaction Document
  • Technical Architecture
  • High-Level Data Model
  • API/Service Design
  • Project Plan

Choose Red Foundry For Your Custom App Needs

As a Chicago mobile app design company, Red Foundry customizes our design approach based on what each client has and needs. Any pre-existing deliverables feed right into that.

The Discovery and Design phase of a project typically runs about 8 weeks in duration depending on the availability of client personnel to conduct reviews, the efficiency of decision-making, and number of deliverables and the desired level of detail.

Let’s get started and take the first step toward moving your concept from Idea to Reality!

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