Mobile SDK Development

Mobile app technology is cool, but it’s the people that really make the difference…

Mobile SDK Development involves designing, constructing, testing, documenting and launching an SDK for use within your business partner’s mobile apps. It is a way to extend your services to others while providing some measure of control around how your services and accessed and consumed.

What is a Mobile SDK?

A Mobile SDK (or Software Development Kit) is a bundle of code that other developers can embed into their mobile apps. It allows the developers to use your services by called methods that are exposed by the SDK.

Mobile SDK Creation

Red Foundry’s Mobile SDK Development service addresses the technical intricacies of creating high-performing native iOS and Android SDKs, which are commonly written in Objective-C and Java, respectively.

Creating a Mobile SDK can be more technically challenging than creating a more standard mobile app so you’ll want to employ a team with the deep technology experience and proven track record to get you to the highest quality product possible.

Beyond the design and engineering of the SDK, Red Foundry can also help with the following aspects of a successful SDK launch:

  • SDK Documentation – A good SDK needs to be easy to understand by the developers who will be integrating it into their products, so good documentation is paramount, but the focus need only be on how the developer will interact with the SDK as opposed to what happens under the covers.  The documentation should specify the inputs, outputs, and data types that the developer will need to be aware of.
  • SDK Versioning Strategy – Backward compatibility will likely be an important consideration.  The number of concurrently supported versions should be balanced with the total cost of ownership and support impacts.
  • SDK Publishing and Distribution – The SDK should be easily downloadable and you’ll want to keep an open channel of communication with the developers who are using it in terms upcoming enhancements and the overall release roadmap.
  • SDK Support – Establishing a support forum for developers to post questions may help to mitigate developer support costs while maintaining a direct connection into the pulse of the developer community.

Why Choose Red Foundry?

Red Foundry has experience building custom SDKs to wrap services such as OpenTable’s restaurant reservation booking, Expedia’s hotel booking, Viator’s ticket booking, as well as experience with retail product offer personalization and insurance claim processing.

If you’re a company offering services in a Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) model and have plans to create a custom Mobile SDK for your business partners, contact Red Foundry so we can discuss how we can help you succeed.

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