The Pediatric Urology Nurse Specialists (or PUNS) is a professional organization dedicated to improving the care of pediatric urology patients through educational programs, research collaboration, and evidence based clinical practice.

The “Kids’ Guide to Using a Catheter” app is the simple, easy-to-use companion for helping teach boys and girls to be independent and confident in their self-catheterization.

This interactive app helps kids understand this challenging topic using:

  • dynamic animations
  • intuitive navigation
  • sound queues
  • pop-up explanations
  • multilingual support

Feature Highlights:

  • Discuss how our bodies work, and why some people need to use a catheter.
  • Teach about the relationship between the bladder, brain and the kidneys.
  • Explain why bladder care and emptying on a regular schedule is so important.
  • Plan the day and learn how to create a schedule for when and where it’s best to go. Different scenarios explore the school day, travel and fun activities away from home.
  • Prepare for self-catheterization by building a kit of supplies.
  • Learn the four steps to self-catheterization: Get Prepared, Get Clean, Insert the Catheter and Empty all the Way

Download the Kids Guide from the Apple AppStore