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What Is A Mobile SDK?

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Mobile software developments kits (mobile SDK) provide a set of software development tools that allow for a wide range of varied mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. An effective mobile SDK gives an app creator the tools needed to create complex and sophisticated apps as well as simple apps that are made in mere minutes.

App creators are able to tap into the robust features of the SDK without needing coding expertise and extensive software development skills. Broadly speaking, a software development kit provides a convenient method for businesses and individuals to easily create their app and get it published on Google Play and App Store marketplaces.

However, not all development kits are created equally. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you choose the right development kit for your needs.

Choosing the Right Mobile SDK

Choosing the best mobile SDK requires a careful evaluation of the functions and features an SDK offers. If app creators and developers do not have the tools needed to succeed, it is impossible to compete in the vast mobile app landscape. There are millions of apps populating the Google Play and App Store markets, making it essential that developers find an SDK equipped with the features needed to make a robust mobile app.

When choosing between mobile SDKs, immediately narrow the field of possibilities by focusing on dev kits with a proven record of capability, stability and performance. Without a stable and capable SDK, your app could crash at a moment’s notice, ruining all the hard work that went into the app’s creation.

Additionally, pay close attention to an SDK’s performance history. The typical iOS app contains seven third-party libraries, and it just takes one faulty SDK to destroy your app’s performance. In turn, shoddy performance leads to excessive battery consumption, an unresponsive device and frequent crashing for end users.

Other considerations when choosing an ideal SDK mobile app solution include:

  • Data usage
  • Security
  • History

Make sure your SDK of choice uses data efficiently, and just as important, that it keeps end users’ data secure. A company with a history of excellence will be able to put your mind at ease that its SDK offers proven results.

Benefits of a Mobile SDK

Custom apps built with a quality SDK allow developers to tailor a customized user experience, whether the app is needed for employees, customers or business partners.

Further, a proven SDK developer will make sure your app receives the benefits of having well-written, useful code. Regardless of whether you need an iOS app, an Android app or a universal app, a sophisticated SDK solution will give you the high-performing apps you need.

Red Foundry’s mobile SDK development team designs, constructs, tests, documents and launches SDKs for your mobile apps. Our team is well versed in the technical intricacies of software development, which is why we are capable of creating effective SDK solutions using Objective-C (iOS) and Java (Android).

Additionally, Red Foundry helps businesses with the following aspects of the SDK launch process:

  • SDK documentation
  • SDK versioning strategies
  • SDK publishing/distribution
  • SDK support
  • Contact our team to learn more about how our mobile SDK development services are the right choice for your business needs.