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2 Year Anniversary at Red Foundry. Hooray!

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Written by Diana Olariu

I am, and will always be, thankful for i.c.stars.

There are a few turning points in my life that really shaped my professional and personal journey. i.c.stars was without a doubt one of those turning points. It opened up an entire new world for me, one that I didn’t even know was possible to reach at this point in my life. i.c.stars taught me what it means to be a leader, an effective communicator, and problem solver. But they also taught me one of the most important skills in life – how to learn. i.c.stars showed me that I could learn anything I set my mind to. Since that time, I have grown tremendously as a software developer, person, and member of my community. i.c.stars was the beginning of it all! I am so happy I found them, and that they accepted me as a member. I hope they continue to teach and empower the communities within inner cities. The world needs more diverse leadership!

Red Foundry – My opportunity to shine!

Over the past 2 years, my mind has woken up. I love spending every single day applying my problem solving skills. It’s so much fun and feels like I’m solving puzzles that become useful mobile and web-app products for our clients. Taking a moment, I’d like to say… I love React Native! And I love Red Foundry :)

I started working at Red Foundry in January 2019 as a QA Analyst. I learned how to test an application, identify issues, write user stories, and anticipate client needs. Little by little, I started to feel more comfortable with software applications, user requirements and coding. They eased me into looking at code and “playing,” with it. I was given more responsibility incrementally and encouraged to choose coding tasks I would feel comfortable learning to solve. They encouraged me to look into courses that would help accelerate my learning process.

I started rapidly learning UI layouts and became quite good at it. Soon after, I started creating components and exploring backend end points. When I was confident and ready, Red Foundry encouraged me to complete a more complex course – a Nanodegree certificate, in order to improve my understanding about React, React Native, Redux and API’s.

Step by step, my tasks varied, and I was starting to see a real and rewarding improvement. Soon enough, I was assigned my first lead project. Such a challenge! You can feel the magic of a wonderful team when you are blocked, and you think there is no way you are going to make it! All of the team members encouraged me, guided me, and offered me their full support. I am grateful for that!

Now, after 2 years, I feel that I’ve grown a lot – both professionally and personally. The saying “anything is possible,” feels true with a team like Red Foundry. It’s an experience that I can’t fully describe, but I can assure you that working in a team with great professionals, that encourages you and is always there for you, is one of the best things to find in a workplace. The environment is wonderful, relaxed, and productive. Red Foundry hires talent, and arms newbies with an amazing toolset for learning and growing as a software developer. They nurture you and coach you to learn new things every day. They want to help you grow, improve, build confidence, accept mistakes, and thrive for more and better.

Red Foundry continues to show me new possibilities in the field of IT. I care about having a successful future, and Red Foundry is the company that continues to offer me support on this journey!

Red Foundry is open to use different tools, frameworks, learn and apply new technology. They encourage us to be resourceful, and therefore become better software developers. It is both fun and challenging. And though it can be extremely frustrating at times, I just think of how much I get to learn while going through the process. It’s amazing! I love this career and Red Foundry. It is perfect for the curious, for the forever learner. And that’s a big part of who I am.

Red Foundry, Thank You!