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Red Foundry Partners Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary of i.c.stars Sponsorship

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January 1, 2021 – Red Foundry, a leading provider of mobile product design, development, and digital innovation services in the Chicago area, today announced the renewal of an annual sponsorship agreement with i.c.stars. For over 21 years, i.c.stars has been developing future IT and community leaders through their innovative and intensive project-based training programs designed to develop the business and technical skills of program participants.

“We are honored to have worked closely with i.c.stars over that last 10 years, and excited to build on that relationship by reaffirming our commitment to i.c.stars and renewing our sponsorship. We are also excited to apply our commitment to IT community engagement through the hiring of i.c.stars graduates. We look forward to contributing to their ongoing national expansion and assisting with the delivery of their mission to talented IT professionals,” commented Rich Linden, Red Foundry Partner. “Red Foundry has been a model partner of ours for years,” said i.c.stars President and Co-Founder Sandee Kastrul. “As an employer of i.c.stars talent, a supporter of our events, a mentor to our interns and residents, a committed Board member and an advisor, Red Foundry is helping us to grow the organization and the impact across the Midwest. We look forward to another year of an impactful partnership.”

The annual agreement provides financial sponsorship and community engagement to i.c.stars Chicago through the funding of events, volunteering on Board and Advisory committees, hiring of i.c.stars program graduates, and the technical mentoring of i.c.stars students.

About Red Foundry:
Red Foundry is a mobile application design and development consulting firm. Founded in 2009, and led by seasoned business and technology executives, we help our clients “Mobilize Their Business” by creating award-winning custom native, web-responsive, and cross platform mobile applications. Utilizing our mobile-optimized methodology, we work with established corporations to design and build mobile products that support their digital transformation, and we partner with entrepreneurs and early stage startup ventures to launch their mobile-enabled business.

About i.c.stars:
Formed in 1999, Inner-City Computer Stars Foundation (“i.c.stars”) is a national technology workforce training and placement program that prepares young adults for technology careers and community leadership. Using project-based learning and full-immersion teaching, i.c.stars has trained more than 600 individuals and places 90 percent of qualified graduates in jobs. Participants see their annual earnings increase by an average of 300 percent as a result of the program. i.c.stars also works to change employer perceptions and practices around nontraditional talent and has engaged more than 10,000 employers since inception.